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What You Should Know About Your Medical Spa  

What You Should Know About Your Medical Spa

Q: Who's the Doctor in cost and where is he?
A: Medical Spas are alleged to have a Physician present to provide medical-grade products and procedures. Sadly, the Doctor is commonly nowhere to be found. All too typically, a Doctor whose major space of curiosity and income may be something other than Medical Aesthetics signs a contract to be the "Medical Director" of a Medical Spa. He makes some further revenue; the Spa staff gets to make use of prescription-only products and perform complicated medical procedures but the Doctor is not even present. He might be performing surgery or seeing patients in his own office or even hitting golf balls.

In case you are contemplating receiving a Medical Procedure at a Medical Spa, find out if the Doctor will actually be there during your visit.

Q: Will my Medical Procedures be performed by the Doctor?
A: Too usually, Medical Spas are income "add-ons" to a busy medical practice. The Doctor could also be busy seeing medical patients on the medical side of the office while an Aesthetician, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, or even a Nurse wields potent syringes of Botox and sophisticated lasers on the Spa side. Even Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists commonly hire Nurse Practitioners to carry out Medical Procedures of their spa.
Before you walk within the door, ask if the Doctor will really be the injecting the medication or performing the Medical Procedures. If the reply is something like "No, our Nurse does that, but she's very good," do your self a favor and look elsewhere.

Q: How experienced is the Doctor?
A: Commonly, a Doctor will simply add on a few properly-appointed rooms to his busy office, purchase some lasers, hire an Aesthetician and call it a Medical Spa. These Doctors typically have no real curiosity in Medical Aesthetics and infrequently carry out any of the procedures themselves. They could be physically close by however they're usually not well-versed in what works well and what doesn't.
It's best to only trust your face to a Physician who practices Medical Aesthetics day in and day out. If the Doctor spends the vast majority of his time practising day-to-day medicine or performing complicated surgery within the O.R., are you able to really expect him to be up on the latest techniques and equipment utilized in Medical Aesthetics?

It's perfectly all proper to ask, "How many times per week does the Doctor really perform this procedure?"

Q: What kind of Aesthetic Training has the Doctor had?
A: Many people assume that Board Licensed Dermatologists or Plastic Surgeons make the very best Aesthetic Physicians however that isn't at all times the case.
Dermatologists spend a majority of their training studying how you can deal with illnesses of the skin and find out how to recognize when a selected skin situation signifies that something severe is going on elsewhere in the body. In case you have a suspicious or bothersome lesion or rash, it is best to visit a Dermatologist. If you wish to soften a number of wrinkles and look more refreshed, a Dermatologist might not all the time be your best choice.
Plastic Surgeons acquire many complicated expertise throughout their in depth training period including hand surgical procedure, breast implants, facial reconstruction, scar revision and sophisticated skin grafting techniques. Plastic Surgeons can work wonders for sufferers with these sorts of main problems. They might not be the only option, however, for someone with facial sun damage or pigment irregularities.

Actual training in Medical Aesthetics is absent or only a very small a part of many Dermatology and Plastic Surgical procedure training programs. Most physicians who want to turn out to be proficient within the appropriate use of Botox, Facial Fillers, Lasers, and prescription grade cosmeceuticals normally should take a number of programs from national consultants on the assorted facets of Medical Aesthetics. These courses are costly and inconvenient but remain the major means for many Doctors to develop into proficient in these techniques.

Do not be afraid to ask concerning the training of the Doctor who will be doing all of your procedure. Don't accept "Dermatologist" or "Plastic Surgeon" as the only significant credentials. Ask if the Doctor has taken advanced programs specifically targeted on Botox or Fillers or Facial Lasers.

Q: What Medical companies are available?
A: A real Medical Spa needs to be able to design a specific therapy plan that can address your entire aesthetic concerns. Botox and Facial Fillers are just the beginning. Does the Spa have Intense Pulsed Light to erase brown and red spots? What about a Laser to promote new collagen formation and tighten skin? Can they remove unwanted hair? Are you able to obtain skilled advice about prescription-power cosmeceuticals to repair extremely-violet damage and improve texture? Are medical-grade peels available?

Some Medical Spas are even able to supply body sculpting using a laser just like the SmartLipo Laser. They're able to tighten skin and soften away fats from the waistline, thighs, hips, arms and even the neckline.

Make a list of what providers you could be excited about and ask about them if you call. A true Medical Spa should be able to offer you a comprehensive program to assess your needs and address your concerns.

Q: What Aesthetic providers are available?
A: Besides the medical-grade Aesthetic companies like microdermabrasion and advanced chemical peels, a full-service Medical Spa should supply a selection of anti-aging and revitalizing facial therapies as well as a full menu of cosmetic and aesthetic providers like waxing, paraffin remedies, permanent make-up and even detailed instruction on make-up application.

Ask what's available and check the web site for details.

Q: What's going to the Aesthetician do for me and what's her expertise?
A: The key element of a professional Medical Spa expertise is the consultation with the Aesthetician. It is the Aesthetician who will delve into the details of your skin care history, investigate the products you are presently using, analyze the situation of your skin and tailor a therapy program to address your concerns. In the event you want Medical procedures, it's the Aesthetician who includes the Physician on the appropriate instances to get you the optimal results. If this consultation step is skipped, you're getting an inferior service and will have inferior results.

It takes years of experience for an Aesthetician to acquire the level of knowledge and understanding to perform a detailed and accurate consultation. Do not be afraid to ask how lengthy your Aesthetician has been practising and whether or not a detailed consultation is part of the service.

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