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Passengers Returning From Zante To Wales Told To Self  

Passengers Returning From Zante To Wales Told To Self

Tour operator Tui has said it will now not offer holidays to the resort of Laganas on the Greek island of Zante from Thursday. additional reading Despite the modifications in Wales and Scotland, the Department for Transport in London stated there were no plans to amend journey preparations with Greece.'There was little if any risk of Covid-19 transmission to other passengers or crew members as all of whom had been also sporting face masks at all times. 'Since this passenger and his companion had complied totally with Ryanair well being regulations, they were both carrying masks at all times at Stansted Airport and for the very brief period they were seated on the plane previous to departure. Dr Shankar urged revellers having fun with the bank vacation weekend to remember the significance of social distancing. 'Yes, you may be unfortunate, and you may get it from a random stranger or from a super spreader, however the vast majority of individuals get it from their workmates, their work buddies, their family, and their friends,' she stated.

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She added that Mrs Whitfield's complaints had stunned her and 'it was like we had been on completely different flights'. However, one other passenger, Danielle Loughman, defended TUI and advised MailOnline that cabin crew repeatedly

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